About Us

I started TheBottomLineRadioShowLive™ and Website to create a conversation with icons and experts of Industry from Business, Entertainment, Sports, The Arts and Medicine – to discuss their TRUE Secrets to Success. Not just what they share at all the business seminars, because I was always left thinking, “They are holding something back and not really telling me the WHOLE Truth of what really is THEIR Secret to Success”.

So, I realized as I spoke to many of these enormously successful people that their true power comes from the Divine, their relationship with God whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or other.

My quest is then to get to each individuals truth, and for them to stand in integrity of WHO they really are and share their journey with both me and my listeners. They come on to the show with the understanding, they are to leave their politically correctness outside of this show and peel back the curtain so we can see the truth.

I believe we want the truth, and we can handle the truth. Because we inherently want truth above all. THAT is what resonates with us and we KNOW it when we hear it, see it and feel it.